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INMOBILIARIA NORTE SUR, S.A. is a property company focused on real estate investment. It´s principle activity is the acquisition and management of third-party real estate assets on the Iberian Peninsula.

Founded in 1946, it is a limited company focused on the acquisition, active management, and selective rotation of high quality office buildings in Madrid and Barcelona.
Inmobiliaria Norte Sur, S.A. – INSSA, boasts a great team of professionals who take charge of the tasks involved in the management of owned assets with the objective of maximising the operational efficiency and profitability of every asset.
INSSA´s profitability goals are founded in consistent shareholder remuneration via the sharing of annual dividends and the creation of value through the increase of the EPRA NAV of the company.

Set up to invest in the real estate market, the company operates a long-term property-management plan offering an investment vehicle with strong profitability aimed at those investors who foresee a recovery in the Spanish real estate sector.
The value-creation strategy of the company is based on active management of its portfolio and repositioning of the individual properties which make up that portfolio.

INSSA´s investment activity is focused on the acquisition of offices in Class B, Core Plus, and Value Add, within the most sought-after locations and business districts in Madrid and Barcelona.




Incorporation: Inmobiliaria Norte Sur, S.A. was incorporated on the 16th November 1946. In 2001 its statutes were modified to conform with a revision of the laws for limited companies.


Acquisition of the Conata II building, Sant Joan Despi, Barcelona


Acquisition of the Urgell 143 building, L’Eixample, Barcelona


Acquisition of the Claudio Coello 124 building, Claudio Coello, Madrid


Acquisition of the Mas Blau building, el El Prat, Barcelona


Since its founding in 1946 INSSA has maintained a clear strategy for the creation of value for shareholders through disciplined investment and active management of its assets. In carrying out this strategy the company calls upon the extensive experience of its management team, who are exclusively dedicated to the company. It is a team which has amply demonstrated its ability to take the strategy forward in exceptional ways.


• Identification of off-market opportunities.
• Building a portfolio in line with the goals defined by the strategy.
• Increasing the occupation and profit levels of the assets.
• Generating shareholder value.


The business of INSSA consists of the purchase of real estate assets for subsequent rental. The objective pursued by INSSA is the addition of value to an asset and the maximisation of operational efficiency and profitability, leading to strong cash-flows and price

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We work to improve the quality of our buildings, creating attractive, healthy spaces – which means productive spaces – with reduced absenteeism and staff-turnover. This in turn helps gaurentee the retention of high quality staff. Furthermore, we show our commitment to society by seeking to attain for our office spaces the prestigious LEED certification.
We demonstrate a unique capacity to identify opportunities in the market place, and go on to create CorePlus and Value Added products through active management of our buildings.


Our priority is the creation of value; to generate value in the investments we undertake, add value to our buildings through active management of our portfolio, and distribute that value to our shareholders and investors.

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“Achieve a portfolio of assets of long-term quality which generate strong profitability on investment and a high return for shareholders, by means of active management of our buildings oriented to the creation of value, faithful tenants, and environmental sustainability”.

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INSSA seeks to consolidate itself as a point of reference in the dynamisation of the Spanish real estate sector and the creation of value within that sector, recognised for the quality and profitability of its asset portfolio, for its stability and for its operating excellence and professionalism.

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We are committed to maximising returns on shareholder investment, acting in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. At INSSA we put into practice the best principles of good corporate governance.




We maintain a detailed strategic business plan and a contained costing structure. This provides stability for the portfolio and ensures optimal returns for shareholders.

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Having a management team exclusively and completely dedicated throughout the whole value-chain guarantees the interests of our shareholders and investors.

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We are committed to maximizing the investment returns of shareholders and investors, acting with the highest professional quality and under the highest ethical standards. In INSSA we apply the best practices of good corporate governance.

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We strive to be well positioned to identify potential investments both advertised and unadvertised; to be responsive in decision-making and able to bring deals to closure in a highly competitive business environment.

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We believe in honest dialogue with interested parties and keep our communications clear and direct in order to build business relationships founded on trust.

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We constantly seek out new forms of active management which will lead to increases in the value of the portfolio and the operational and environmental sustainability of the buildings in it.

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We strive to be a reference point for within the Spanish real estate sector with regard to the profitability of our business and the quality of our portfolio.

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Our expert team has more than 50 years of experience of the real estate market, and we focus that knowledge and experience wholly on the creation of value for our shareholders.

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We firmly believe in the creation of value which will be sustainable over time, in the business environment within which we operate.

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INSSA is a self-managing real estate investment company with a dedicated management team integrated into the company structure.
This internal management team works exclusively – and with complete focus – for INSSA and its shareholders. It is made up of professionals with extensive experience, with recognised track record and with in-depth knowledge of the market. This group of expert professionals are able to tackle investment operations of great complexity on short timescales and to achieve integration of the whole value-creation process: from the identification of the investment project to the management of the asset and through to potential rotation out of the portfolio.
The company is overseen by a BOARD OF ADMINISTRATORS.

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At INSSA we maintain a corporate commitment to transparency and to the mutual benefit of all the stakeholders in our activities, meaning clients, employees and suppliers, as well as shareholders, analysts, regulatory organisations and the general socio-economic environment of our activities.
This voluntary commitment goes beyond the obligatory compliances demanded by laws and professional codes, and is fundamental to the policies and ethical principles of the group. At INSSA we demonstrate particular sensitivity to respect for the environment, the prevention of work-place risks, continuous training of our people, sustainability in our activities and transparency in our information. The end goals of such policies are to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the quality of life in society, the improvement of the economic situation of the country, and the guaranteeing of sustainability in our field of work.


The activity of INSSA is oriented to increasing the value of our buildings, growing our business and maximising the return on the capital of our shareholders; to achieving these things through active management of the buildings in our portfolio, gaining the fidelity of tenants, and optimising cost-control. In keeping with such strategy, the company carries out in its buildings such reforms, alterations and renovations as are necessary to achieve better operational efficiency, lower energy consumption, conservation of water, and at the same time minimisation of emissions.